Thu. Jun 16th, 2022


Set Site Sharing – Default sharing link type – People with existing access from csv file.

cls #Parameters value $spopasswordFile = "c:\PSscripts\Credentials\" + $Server + "_"+$Initials+"_"+$dst_username+"_password.txt"; $spopassword = Get-Content $spopasswordFile | ConvertTo-SecureString $inputFile = 'c:\PSscripts\Migration\sitelist.csv' $sitesList = Import-Csv $inputFile -Delimiter "," #Setup Credentials to connect $Credentials…

Break Site Inheritance

Function BreakSiteInheritance([String]$SiteURL,$Credentials,$reportYN) { Try { $WebsCount=0 $Timestamp = GetTimeStamp $ctx = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext($SiteURL) Write-host "Connected to $SiteURL" -ForegroundColor Green $ctx.Credentials = $credentials; $Web = $ctx.Web $ctx.Load($web) $ctx.Load($web.Webs) $ctx.Load($web.RoleAssignments) Invoke-LoadMethod -Object…

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