Tue. Jun 7th, 2022
# Generates a ShareGate Desktop user mapping file (.sgum) from a CSV document. 
# Use the user mapping file for your migrations in the application or in PowerShell.
# Note: The application will map your users automatically. 
# Any users you do not add in your mapping file will be mapped by ShareGate Desktop.

# From the CSV file with two columns named SourceValue and DestinationValue.
# You can use email, username, display name, or full name.

# SourceValue, DestinationValue
# <username>, <Firstname.surname>@domain.com

Import-Module Sharegate
$csvFile = "C:\CSVfile.csv"
$table = Import-CSV $csvFile -Delimiter ","
$mappingSettings = New-MappingSettings
foreach ($row in $table) {
    $results = Set-UserAndGroupMapping -MappingSettings $mappingSettings -Source $row.SourceValue -Destination $row.DestinationValue

Export-UserAndGroupMapping -MappingSettings $mappingSettings -Path "C:\FolderName\FileName"

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